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Friday, 15 January 2010

Not that I'm counting.....

How many count down widgets do I need on my desktop!?

  • The first significant day for me is a race on March I have a widget up and running for that date...45 days.
  • When I work out how to have more than 1 widget on the desktop, the second one will be a countdown  to the cessation of permanent work (not actually full retirement since I'm moving onto the locum/casual list)..that date is Friday April 30th  which is 14 weeks in total with  about 63 days of actually having to front up at the salt mine.
  • Then next one will be for May 8th which is when I fly out for Liz's glorious adventure/challenge of cycling the length of Italy (3500 km in 28 days of cycling, 35 days in total)
  • And the one after that will be July 15th which is when I submit myself yet again to jetlag in order to ride the Alps, Pyrenees, visit Italy again, Slovenia, Austria, UK and finally USA.
  • And after that...well who knows what the future brings
but gotta enjoy life while you still can....right?!

 I've added a few more blog titles to my blog roll and brought a few details up to date

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