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Monday, 30 November 2009

Bonding in the face of aversity

Over my competitive life (100 years and counting) the days I recall most vividly are those when merely to survive was a major achievement.... for example at an orienteering event near Daylesford about 30 years ago.Alex and I left Melbourne in sunshine and appropriate clothing and ended up competing in a howling blizzard with creek crossings roped and manned. After I'd survived my course without succumbing to hypothermia, I took 7 yr old Alex round his course and had to ford those same creeks with him on my back.

There are quite a few such days in my memory..some commemorated by T shirts telling the world "I survived.......". Those of us who were there recall them in vivid detail and still reminisce about them

Actually looking back at that particular event we were more than a bit gung ho and I wonder why on earth I risked taking Alex out in such conditions.... "risk management" wasn't a phrase we knew back then...

This weekend's country track champs sounds as though it fits into this category.. not dangerous maybe but definitely memorable. So while metro club members were swanning around indoors on the boards, the country club members were fighting the elements and yes we're all glad to have the rain, but maybe not just then and not just there. Facebook is already overflowing with pix and comments and there's no doubt that those select few involved will be recalling the details for years to come.

New bikes-track and road
Damn! I wish I'd not forgotten to grow. With Welsh and Scottish ancestors, plus a post war diet, I ceased growing at just under 5 foot 4 inches and of course have now shrunk some.

This is a major problem when getting a bicycle to fit and is one of the reasons I didn't get into racing earlier in my life...bikes in the 80 and 90's just didn't fit..too long in the top tube. Even now with the so called "women's fit" range the only solution for me to have a high end bike that actually fits me is to go custom made.
Expensive? yes..especially if you go to one of the best builders..Baum but there is another problem - I'm not the only person going custom made and the wait is up to 3 months. It will be worth the wait, but the agony of waiting.....can I do this?.....yes I can....I have patience.....


Lawrence said...

I think we did easier than Baby Randall #2 ;-) At least we didn't have to ride continuously in it all weekend!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

mebbe not, but you and everyone there will remember the day for a very long time!..guaranteed. Perhaps a special T shirt is called for?