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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Another weekend, another race

This weekend its the Metro champs too but my club is a metro one, so we get to race indoors.. country champs are outdoors and the weather is a bit damp.

I entered the TT only as I have a mind to get a World Best Time/World Record..the one I ended up 6/100's of a second shy of at the Worlds.

I also wanted to explore the theory that a smaller chain ring gets you up to speed quicker than a bigger one. My normal gear for the 500m TT is 51/15 ie 91.8 gear inch, for the TT at the Omnium last week I tried 44/13 ie 91.4 gear inch and today I tried 48/14 which is 92.6.

My usual 1st lap is 25 it was 24.8s and with a final time of 43.677s my second lap was 18.877s. I felt absolutely shot at the end and thought I'd done a 45 (I find reading with contacts in a bit difficult!) so went back to my rollers thinking WTF...I'm going backwards. Then someone came up and congratulated me and I discovered I'd won and done a good time! Sorta stopped feeling PO after that.

Soooo...I done good, although since there weren't enough time keepers and no drug testing it's unofficial, so just gotta do it again later on in the season.

My reward...a handful of choc covered peanuts and a beer...not at the same time though!


Buttsy said...

Excellent - Choc copvered peanuts..YUMM!!!..oh and the congratulations is for the fantastic time...(not the peanuts)

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

actually anything chocolatey would have been ok!