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Monday, 31 August 2009

My weekend. Stiff fingers and a bung stove top

I've always thought it was handy having an engineering husband who could "fix" things. However on Saturday I changed my mind!

The automatic lighter thingey on the gas stove top wouldn't stop clicking and I was delighted since I hated that particular stove top and I could see a new one being bought...yay! WRONG! Directing from the side, since with his thumb out of action he can only be a foreman and with Ben's help, the top was stripped down and the problem found looks like its fixable

Not happy Jan

My normal Monday groan is to do with the after effects of a weekend's riding. Today my groan is all directed at my hands, which are telling me that 7 hours weeding was about 6 hours too much!!!

The plan was to ride in the morning then garden in the afternoon. However it was a bit cold and a bit windy first thing so instead I rugged up, plugged in the audio book into the CD player and went outside to do some weeding (we have a ~1 acre garden).

Accompanied by my cats, who love it when we're in the garden, I got down to the task. Checking my watch some time later I realised it was after 1pm, so lunch was the next task. Then out again to clear up the heaps of weeds, thinking I'll just stay for 1 more CD...then another...then another and finally it was really was time to stop and it was much too late to ride anyway.

Looks like I'm starting my rest week just a wee bit early!

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Lawrence said...

Must have been the day for it on Monastery Hill. I was out weeding as well, and ignoring the bike LOL Still got a bit to go unfortunately...