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Sunday, 23 August 2009


60km race.
Probs with tyres losing air and rattly clusters before the had to use training wheels
Weather was windy as.
And now I'm wasted.
Dropped on steep hills and then TT'd back.
Faded at the very last hill.
Heavy legs.
Realised that the World Masters Road Champs are on this week...sob....I should be there...!

Driving home I saw Alex's car parked by the side of the highway...he was fast asleep (powernap not Nanna nap !)..he'd just done 5 hours of a 6 hour enduro. So another Randall wasted!

Need food
Need rest.
Roll on part time.
Roll on no distractions so I don't forget pumps and HRM's when going to a race!
Oh and must check which powerbar gel I was DISGUSTING!

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