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Thursday, 4 June 2009

"Waiting for the other shoe to drop....".

In the dim recesses of my mind, there is a rather weak story/joke about an apartment dweller who every night hears the thud of the person living above him dropping his shoe on the floor prior to getting into bed. Every night he waits for the second thud, but it never comes. Later on, so the story/joke goes, he discovers the person only has 1 leg, the point of the story being I guess anticipation can overwhelm you.....

I also know that bad things come in threes.

Today, this morning, at 0515 to be precise, the first of my 3 bad things happened.

It was really bad and now I'm waiting for the other 2.........

So what happened?

I wandered downstairs as usual, pausing at the kitchen door after putting the light on, as I have learnt to do after stepping on a rodent carcass kindly placed in my way by Flea, my hunter cat. Cute..bringing in gifts for us. Yeeeetch to move.

Put the kettle on, put the computer on and wandered off to the .....aaaarggghhh...found the carcass.

And this was my thought process..albeit somewhat slow given the time of day:
  • Hmmm, 1 less rat at the Randalls. Good puddy cat!
  • Hmmm, it's that's interesting..most of the kills are on a Thursday and I know that 'cos I put the carcass in an empty bin which had been emptied the day before and we end up with a festering carcass for a whole week. not good especially in summer. Odd.
  • Hmmm, that rat is lying in a really weird way..mostly they're on their side sorta stiff looking (thank god). This one is sorta splat on its tummy, legs akimbo.

  • Gets dustpan and brush to scoop up and deliver dead rat to the bin....
  • scoops....
  • and it moves......
  • primal scream and very very bad language emits from somewhere...could that have been me?!

So I'm now waiting for the next bad thing, which could very well happen since today we start emptying the Physio gym prior to being evicted while the floor gets torn up and relaid.

Staff Wellness Expo
Yesterday was the Workplace Wellness Group's second big venture....a staff wellness expo. Since we have 2 campuses it has to happen on 2 separate weeks and today's iteration was at the other campus. It seemed to be a great success and hopefully it will be just as good next Tuesday when I put it on at my campus.
Needless to say the freebies, the massage and the massage chair were great hits!

The group also has established an ongoing relationship with a gym located handily between the 2 campuses (or is it campi?..I was somewhat of a failure at Latin ;-) ) and we can offer casual sessions of various classes to our staff at a discount rate. I normally only get involved in the spin classes but when there was an offer of 5 weeks of a pump/spin combo for $20 it was an offer too good to refuse. Last night was the first of the 5, so straight after work I was pumping then spinning and finally on arriving home eating, eating, eating!


Buttsy said...

The rat story - now that is the bad things in three myth is really for pessimists...good things happen too remember people forget about "your cat brought you a present"...maybe I could have thought my dog gave me a pressie as I scooped up his pressie on our walk.....poop is good though it means his GI system is functioning....I should be studying and am procrastinating at the moment..might just check out FB too

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

read the prequel!