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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Masters Series TT No. 1

Well that 's the first one over and done with and I was 4th out of four in Div 1 and will prob end up in Div 2..which is where I belong really.

The course is a good honest Masters' TT course...minimal climb and no where to hide at all. The shape of the course is a "T". You start off a slight ramp..not as steep as some I've known..ride about 100m and turn left onto the road which is the upright stem of the "T". This part is about 1.5km then you turn left (west) onto the top of the "T"...this part seemed okay and I calculated I'd made inroads into my minute (wo)man at the U turn.

However I was passed by the minute (wo)man behind me about 1/3 the way back but managed to keep within cooee right the way along to the far end of the top to the final U turn.

And then into a slight headwind and I died...and was passed by the 2 minute (wo)man behind me and I kept dying right the way along to the final left turn when I was able to put in a last gasp effort. 33'25". Think my goal will be to drop 30-40seconds off that time and lift my average wattage from 185 to 200w

Wangaratta CC put on a good show, it was a great course and I hope people will return for the rest of the series. Many of us stayed overnight, some incorporating rides up Buffalo and Buller while up that way.

Next race is next weekend.... the 3 day tour at Benalla.


Buttsy said...

You are so comitted, driving to Wang for a TT. great stuff!.....I must get to a Masters TT some time..I even have the new Scott Plasma (well second hand at least) TT bike ready to go...Must get some training on it, it is a bit more twitchy to ride than my road bike, but must get to a TT as I am geared up ready to go!...oh and my clavicle has mended really well and I have no residual pain either....

Lawrence said...

A start ramp 100m before a turn?? Seems a bit redundant to me....

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

yup TT specific bikes are not the most comfortable of bike to ride. My first TT bike had toe overlap like you wouldn't believe. I kept forgetting and ended up with scuffed toes on my shoes.