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Sunday, 15 March 2009

I am soooo 2009.

(Grumpy old woman rant follows).

I am soooo 2009 'cos I'm on Facebook AND Twitter as well as having a blog.....only thing is I am also soooo 1944, 'cos I really have no idea WHY I'm on Facebook and Twitter - I just don't GET it.

Having read what people write about I wonder why they bother ...who really cares what you are doing, feeling or thinking minute by minute...but I suspect I'm in the minority and what's more extremely old skool.

What I have gained from this venture into social networking is that I now understand (but don't, and never will, condone) the appalling manners some people have developed with regard to their mobiles. At absolutely any time, meeting, meal, appropriate or not, the phone comes out and the thumb or fingers tap out a tune. I previously assumed SMS'ing friends, now I realise they might be texting Twitter or Facebook to have their immediate thoughts down for all to see...silly me!

Well I guess that shows which generation I belong too - not X,Y or Z that's for sure! and be warned...I've totally HAD it with mobile phone out anyone who takes out their phone when they're eating a meal at the same table as me!


Lawrence said...

and you're on twitter.. why???? hehehehe So you can catch up on the goss from your buddies ;-P. Me, I use it to play with words and tell outrageous lies :-D

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Why am I on Twitter...
well you may ask.
Just wanted to know what it was all about.
Found out.
Got better things to do with my time...
like watching the Biggest Loser (!!!!!)

oh-oh short lines again
does that make it poetry?