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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Finally I got the shot

We have 2 cats.

Pippi is a neutered female with a really weird habit. Soon after she was big enough to be allowed to roam outdoors and was big enough to jump the fence into next door's garden (and now she's tooo big to manage it!) she kidnapped a doll..Ernie from Sesame street. Ernie must be her kitten since she regularly lovingly picks Ernie up, moves him to another location and then dumps him and ignores him for a while. (?partial mothering instinct..). Ernie has to behave himself and if he is found lying on his back Pippi turns him over so she can get hold of the scruff of his neck when she next gets the urge to move him!

We always know when its happening because she miaows while moving him and 'cos he's in her mouth its a muffled noise.
We've been trying to get a photo of her doing it for 18 months now, but getting the shot plus getting it in focus just has not happened, until today.

She was very annoyed with me for taking this picture and stalked off flicking her tail at me!!!!

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