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Friday, 13 February 2009

Smoke, ash and an arsonist has been caught

Melburnians woke this morning to a smokey haze and in some areas a "snow" storm of ash.

The fires near Healesville..a country town to the east of the city had ramped up and were within a km of the town. So first thing this morning the local ABC radio was telling us there was an urgent alert for this area and I knew if this was a major problem then nursing homes and aged hostels in the area would be evacuated to our hospital. I drove to work expecting to see the driveway crammed with ambulances, but luckily a wind change had occured and the flames were under enough control to prevent the evacuation.

Arson...someone has been arrested for the Churchill fires where 10 people were killed, I think he is charged with causing death by arson. Police also think they know who started the Marysville fires and yesterday some grass fires were lit close into town, again one person has been arrested. Sad and sick people.

My better half , Phil, is off to Marysville with the Lions club to rebuild fences for horse and cattle paddocks as the stock is roaming everywhere.

Training continues despite all the traumas around. Beach Road with its sea breezes will be the go and I expect every man and his bike will be there since none of the usual country rides are open

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