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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

every so often you score a win or maybe just avoid a loss

Late yesterday I got an email from one of the guys who is also a 6am regular at DISC. Apparently no-one could get into the velodrome yesterday morning...there was an electrical fault and the doors couldn't be opened...!! phew! lucky lucky me!

It was too hot to train yesterday evening when I got home, so this morning I heaved a reluctant body onto the ergo..nothing worse than ergo at 6am.....actually it was also too hot to be bothered to eat much except fruit. bags packed..loads of goodies to hand out, welcome speech/powerpoint presentation ready, 68 teams. Yesterday I discovered that another branch of our huge health network has borrowed the idea and even the name and is running the project in parallel - imitation the sincerest form of flattery?? They'd asked if I minded ages ago but I didn't realise they'd actually got it going. more day of overwhelming work then the thing is off and running and its up to the 272 staff members to do their thing and all I have to do is write to the sponsors, get their logos onto the maps and email template and hope for smooth sailing from now on..with any luck I can stop being a project manager and go back to being a Physio!

I see from Velonews that one of my cycling buddies from the US, Lil Pfluke, won silver in the World Masters cyclocross about multi skilled..she also has competed in the World MTB Champs in Praloup and World Road Champs in St Johann..well done legend you!

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