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Friday, 30 January 2009

2am and its still 32 degrees

Sleeping upstairs wasn't an option last night..I tried, but was drenched in sweat and so retreated downstairs to the lounge room floor but here I am-awake at 2 am. I'd sleep outside if it wasn't for the fact the mozzies love me so..

The poor cats are a worry..we've got loads of water out for them I just hope they are ok...especially Pippi with her generous fur coat.

Thursday's training was an hour's session at the track arriving at 6am and doing 4 lappers at fast/steady or easy pace. I got through it easily enough and the track wasn't stifling hot..but I'm not sure I'll be doing anything today.

Actually I was scheduled for a 1/2 day off today, but am re-considering my options..better to be in AC comfort at work methinks. Last night I delayed going home for an hour and would have stayed even longer but was sent home as there was a power crisis and all non essential non direct patient care related work had to stop.

During the day the final 2 TRAC launches took place. We now have 75 teams and we ran out of show bags! Luckily we've got enough goodies to fill more bags..but I've had to ask for a recall of bags from close colleagues in order to get the gaer a out to the late comers.

So we've hit the magic number of 300 participants..I just hope they dont go crazy exercising in this heat wave.

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