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Friday, 21 November 2008

World Cup

A great night's racing and it was good to catch up with alot of people. The program was somewhat spoiled by the "clown" entertainment and the incorrect info in the programme($10) about competitors' numbers. Apart from racing the highlight of the night for me had to be buying rather alot of cycling DVD's at $25 each instead of the usual $79...I honed in on the Belgian ones, Het Volk, Tour of Flanders and L-B-L.

I had decided not to put anything more in my blog about Lawrence's addiction to SMSing at every conceivable moment, although I did threaten it and even composed a para in the car on the way home..something about even SMSing during the podium ceremonies and national anthems. And in any case, this morning I was just too tired to be bothered, but she beat me to it and there's a link here, so I just have to add something...

and here it is:


rhino said...

$25 dollar DVD's is an absolute bargin. Might have to get Ben to get me some. Still loving my powertap, but let me know when your SRM is for sale.


asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

sadly the cheap DVD's are only available at the track during the world cup races....

glad you're enjoying training with power..once tried you will NEVER go back to training by HR, so best not hold your breath waiting for me to sell my SRM!!!