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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

2 mosquito bites does not make a summer,not in Melbourne it doesn't.

I guess you could say that last night was the first official training session after my "I just can't be bothered, I don't wanna train" period.

Cold, windy, overcast. The training session had all of these and as I drove away from the Blackburn outdoor track it did indeed start to rain, albeit somewhat half heartedly. "Is this supposed to be summer" I said.."nope" was the reply," not until Dec 1st"...."but I have 2 mosquito bites already and last week was so hot I couldn't even think of getting on the bike".

So the weekly torture behind the motor bike began..warm up, starts..catch the bike, 2 laps in front of, then behind and then in front of the bike and so on. Doesn't look bad just written out.....felt bad though..and the head wind down the back straight didn't help.....We were a group of 4 ..2 young bucks, Lawrence and myself..a good combo, nicely set up so there's someone to pitch yourself against. Any bigger a group last night and we would have frozen while waiting our turn.

Since the track is located just across the road from where I work I can appear to be conscientiously staying back late to work whereas in fact I'm just using up the hour waiting for the session to start.

So there it is-a Tuesday date with torture on an oval bit of concrete from now until the end of the track season.

Tonight I'm heaving weights around and tomorrow its a choice of either a crit or watching the world cup track meet. My choice depends on the weather and/or my fatigue level.


Lawrence said...

11 Days to be precise ;-),and we're still waiting for the warm weather to return :-(

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

you counting down or something?

Lawrence said...

Moi??? Summer: bring. it. ORN!!!!!!!! ;-P

Once we get to single figures I'll be intolerable ;-) :-D

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Must resist the obvious comment, must resist, must resi,must res, must........

Lawrence said...

Really intolerable then!!! :-D