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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The scaphoid fracture of the year.. our family anyway. Ben's fracture is separated enough and is old enough (2-3 months) to be at risk of necrosis...dying from lack of blood supply.

So there's to be no little bit of hardware screwing the 2 bits together, nope..instead there'll be a little nick, a quick extraction of the offending separated bit, a rapid close up and you're done. Which will not only be an easier and quicker recovery for Ben, it will also be easier on my wallet-no hardware, no overnight stay and no etc to stabilise the wrist. Phew! yeah I know..just the surgeon, the aneasthetist, the theatre booking, the hospital fees etc etc.

Total uneducated guess...?$5000-$8000? whatever it works out to be I might have to give a not too subtle hint to Ben that downhill racing is perhaps just a little too risky for an uninsured body.....

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