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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Sag wagon

Today I finally got caught and had to do my duty with my club, Blackburn. I was supposed to be doing lead car to D grade/Women's B of the 2nd stage of 3 of the Doherty tour, but felt a bit intimidated and so managed to change to sag wagon.

The view of a race from a car is quite quite different and extremely interesting. Its a part of racing that I've never previously been involved in and was a bit of an eye opener.

Initially I stayed behind D grade then B grade as the lower grades finished their 3 laps. And finally the clean up lap to ensure all was cleared along the route. I ended my duty by reporting to the Chief Commissaire by saying I had checked all road kill, but none had a race number on.....

Enjoyable..nooo, not really, interesting..yup, headache..yup

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