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Sunday, 28 September 2008

I live in Melbourne therefore I must be a footy fan?


Yesterday was "Grand Final " day, the finale of a loooong drawn out process that involves a complicated series whereby the top 8 teams at the end of the season fight it out to see who's top dog, or cat, or hawk or roo or whatever.

This year it was between the cats and the hawks and I'm sorta proud to say that as I write this at 0700 on Sunday morning I still don't know who won. I suspect it was the cats from Geelong since there was little drunken revelry in my suburb last night. (I live in the eastern suburbs and Geelong is waaaay out west).

What I do like about grand final day is the funereal calm that descends over the entire sprawling city of greater Melbourne as most people are either at the footy or watching it on TV.

Ms endurochik and I went on a mega ride yesterday during which I had to do a 20 min "effort" and so we went out through the 'burbs to Beach road where we were stunned to find the entire cycling population of Victoria parading up and down (I swear I have NEVER seen so many cyclists together, not even in St Johann during the World Champs week). Effort completed we cruised over to Sth Melb for a caffeine revival moment and then on to DISC to pick up a set of bars.

The easy option of the train then beckoned and we spent the next hour staring at hordes of lemmings in either brown and gold (hawk) or blue and white(cat) making their way to the cliff (the MCG). Those that weren't in their teams colours were dressed as if going to a fancy dress party...... OS visitors arriving in the country today would have to be thinking...WTF?

ohh..just found out the hawks won!!!!! wrong can you be!


Penny said...

Hi Liz. I think I chose a better time to do my training yesterday ... I left home just as the grand final was *starting*, and headed to the CCCC velo to do my intervals there in the lovely sunshine. The traffic was pretty quiet on the way there, and the velo was basically empty (if I was sharing it, it was only with one other.)
I had heaps of intervals to do - so I didn't watch any of the grand final at all ... and only knew who won when someone from Monash Sport sent me a uni games message, and mentioned it!
Penny :-)

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Hi Penny..I know some people who deliberately leave the city on cup final day. Personally for reasons already stated, I think its a great day to stay here.

Other good riding days are xmas day and new year's day..although glass on new years can be a problem....