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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Hanging in there..just

Normally after such an all time high the logical next step is rest and recovery. Not happening here though as the World Masters Track Champs is on in less than 3 weeks time. And yes, to compete in the event is crazy as this year I'm not trained for top speed for a short time, but its in Sydney and I have to support the local event if only because the numbers are apparently well down. The bod and the brain are not keen so I'm having to exercise mega discipline in order to keep my nose to the grind stone.

I'm looking forward to a bit of training respite and am dreaming about getting on the Gary Fisher MTB to have a bit of FUN!

I got a great vid from my sister of the road race presentation in St J. During the presentation they showed the finish of your race on a big screen (although it was shown during the time you were struggling into the jersey so only the audience got to see it on the night). It is really great to relive the moment and I think I've already worn the vid out; each time I look at it it brings out the goose bumps...still can't stop smiling. The rest of the family are totally fed up with it though!!!

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