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Friday, 12 September 2008

Home again, jet lag, counting the cost

Finally managed to get this pix off my phone....from Kirchdorf, a village on the way to the start of the TT

You know you still have jet lag struggle to stay awake in the dentist's chair. Yup, 'tis true!

I flew in on Tuesday at about 8pm and was in the chair on Wednesday at 9am.."hi're you feeling?" me: "shit awful!" (doesn't take me long to slip back into the vernacular). 1 filling and a clean later and I'm on my way..."see you 1430 on Friday for 2 more fillings"

So Friday arrives and I'm gradually settling back into a more normal pattern of sleep/wakefulness. Or I think I am until I keep nodding off towards the end of the 2 filling/hour long session...A mazing!!!!

Pippi the long haired cat hates me. Phil has done well with feeding and watering both cats but has failed totally on grooming Pippi's l-o-o-o-n-g furry coat and currently she is more knots than not(!).

And finally a cautionary tale entitled "counting the cost".....sigh.

Last year I decided to get internet access for my phone while I was away in Sydney for the world masters track champs. I used it but blanched more than somewhat when I got the bill and decided to be VERY careful when using it.

I'll digress to say that when I get my mobile bills, which I pay on line, if they are within coo-ee of what I expect, I don't bother to look at the details, a habit that has come back to bite me severely on the bum.

So, to continue with my sorry tale and you may have guessed already where this is going....... I arrived home to a telstra bill of $22.86 for 49 SMS's, $6.34 for 4 phone calls and...wait for it....$1415.19 for the internet!

Since I'd not used my phone for the internet at all, having access everywhere I went to wireless internet on my lap top, I was onto the complaints line toot sweet. My protestations of total innocence where not helped by the fact that apparently on a regular basis I had data charges on my bills, although I'd not used it and that's where my laziness in checking caught up with me. Apparently what was probably happening was that the phone was somehow logging on all by itself (something that takes me 3 specifically located taps on the screen to achieve) and has been all year but because there are so many,many, wireless connections in UK and Europe compared with where I hang out here and cos' of the cost, it suddenly became VERY obvious.

After an entire morning on the phone...Telstra have taken $1000 off my bill and I've had the internet connection taken off my phone! I am also planning on a mass ebay sale of all my excess gear to fund the unexpected expense...sob.


Holiday Maker said...

You have a nice cat and should thank phil anyway.

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Pippi is a very nice puddy but her fur is so knotted I've had to send her to be groomed at the vets. The appointment is this week.. I couldn't get her in any earlier. She will probably come back with part of her fur shaved off, its that bad.

Memo to self..avoid getting a long haired puddy next time round.