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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

2008 World Masters Road Race-photo dump

First there was the grovel..this is nearly at the top of the Huberhohe.

The winning move! The 3 medallists have already shed the rest of the group, although it's hard to see Gertrud as she is right behind me.

Then somewhat later the winning sprint..and yes I AM standing but as son Alex ever so kindly you have to learn to be on the drops(!)..doh!
For road race day, I rode and went up onto the podium in my Australian Masters Champion jersey..showing off the green and gold.

Here Ian Emmerson is not only presenting the trophies etc, he is also enjoying giving me stick about the relative medal haul of Australia and UK at the Olympics.

Check out the relative size of the TT and RR cups. This one weighed in at 3 kgs, the TT one at 2kgs.

This post has been done quickly before I fall sleep at the computer...its 5.50pm!! jet lag ad travel fatigue are the pits

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