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Friday, 22 August 2008

ok, I've not gone yet!

1..Alex's MTBO team have finally got their act into gear and have re-started their blog..nothing much up yet though. The competition starts next week. Our top athlete, Adrian Jackson, is ranked No.1 in the world and so is a hot favourite to get a medal. Alex is our No. 2 athlete and currently has a world ranking of 21; he's been in every world championships since they began and is hoping to get on the podium as an individual to add to the relay bronze he won some years ago.

2..Aussies as others see us....Brit TV presenter in Beijing ..."Here we are complaining we've not won a medal yet today, are we turning into Aussies?"

3..Heard on the post office yesterday while I was struggling to create 2 parcels of unwanted gear to send home..each had to be under 2kg, so I was there a while:-
Female at the counter talking about purchases she'd made on the internet......"I'm sending these back, they're flip flops that are supposed to help you lose weight as you walk around the house in them but I don't think they work"

I thought the lady behind the counter did a miraculous job of keeping her face straight.

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