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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Last few days in UK

For the last few days I've been at my coach's place near Bedford. The drive over there via the M4, M25 the A(M)1 was a total nightmare.... it took 3.5 hours instead of 2 and most of that time I wasn't even moving . Not only that but the opposite side of the roads were even worse...a linear carpark in fact. I decided the return trip would definitely NOT be via any motorway. There are many great things about UK.....the traffic is one not of them.

The point of going over was to ensure the SRM was ok on the TT bike, to make sure that I could swap it from bike to bike in a competent manner and to do a couple of more training sessions with a coaching eye well and truly overseeing what I'm doing. The weather was crap and so both sessions were on the trainer..... After one of the training sessions I hopped on the scales ... 56kgs...I don't believe it..I'm sure it was weighing light..but it was nice to see it.

I've had to suffer a bit of stick what with the Brits doing so well in the Olympics, however I've managed to keep my end up by mocking the Pommy pronounciation of Melbourne ..Mel..born (and anything else I could find to mock..)...self defence in one of its many guises!!!

Tomorrow the powertap wheel and front wheel get returned to Bob Tobin..a great hire service here in UK I can well recommend to all OS travellers. My flight to Munich leaves on Saturday at Friday night I'm staying in a Heathrow hotel.

Next posting from St Johann in Tyrol.

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