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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Hill reps in the wet

The forecast was for showers in the morning, clearing in the afternoon..but I guess I got too impatient and went out too early..well if I stayed in I'd have had to do more house work and it WAS was dry in Croydon when I set off but 5 mins into the ride that changed..

Previous experience led me to have the Garmin 305 in my pocket, safe from the rain in a plastic baggy complete with silica gel to ensure it stayed moisture free...and it worked! Here is a snapshot of the map showing the business end of my ride and the elevation graph of the whole ride.

The session involved riding out from home towards the Dandenongs doing a 5 min effort up Inverness Road then riding around via Montrose to Mt Dandenong Tourist Road (10min recovery) and doing the same there. Then I returned and did both hill repeats again. After all 4 efforts I rode home the same way I rode out.

So you'd have to wonder about the difference in the elevation detail from Croydon to Montrose and return .. a change in barometric pressure I guess.

You'd also have to wonder about why the ride down Inverness Road (the one to the north) wanders cross country..clearly my pocket and I were detached from each "out of body" experience perhaps?!

Riding in the rain is not something I enjoy..not only 'cos its cold, wet and uncomfortable, but also because its dangerous due to traffic being less in control.

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