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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Hill reps and the furry members of my family

Today was designated hill reps..5 mins at a good pace up the 1 in 20, turn round and cruise down,recover and do it again x 4....with each one better than the one before. However, since I was crook only 5 days ago I didn't expect to complete the task and I couldn't. However, I did my best (probably too much on the first one) and will try again tomorrow. At least I managed the chunder session on Thursday.

Here are the most recent pix of my puddies.. on the left is the so called "short " haired domestic black and white Pippi looking regal and on the right our ginger tabby Flea acting at being an MTBer's cat!

After today's training session, I had a very nice massage..I've been very stiff since last weekend. My masseur, Celine is also my Pilates instructor and so knows exactly how stiff I am.

Following the massage I started the very important task of writing a list of "things to do" and "what to pack" for my upcoming holiday. Looking at the map of Belgium and also the route of some of the Spring Classics, I realise that the apartment I've managed to book in Geraardsbergen is in a truly brilliant location. My days off at least had one positive benefit...time to explore accommodation options in Belgium.

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