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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

An unplanned day off

As a powertap user I use TrainingPeaks WKO+ soft ware, part of which is the Performance management chart (PMC). This chart plots your chronic training load/blue line(the effect of your past training) your acute training load/pink line(what you've just done) and by calculating your training stress balance/yellow line tells you when you're ready to race since fitness +freshness=form.

I am well known for flogging myself stupid..spiralling downwards into overtraining far too many times. Finally I'm beginning to understand that this is not the way to go, but still struggle to admit that its better to miss a training session when I'm just too today.

Today I was s'posed to get up early, go to the velodrome before work and do sprinting efforts. But..big BUT...the alarm went, I turned it off and 2 hrs later I woke up properly. DOH! I was tired ..3 hardish days on the trot over the long weekend..too much.

Then I checked out the PMC and realised that had I really looked hard at it last night, well, not even hard..its really very obvious, I'd not even have set the alarm. As you can see the yellow stress balance line is in the basement..lucky I'm not planning to race til Easter eh?

The good bit is that the blue line(fitness) is on the rise.
So today was a day off..

Memo to the chart you dunderhead.


Colin Griffiths said...

And if that blue line rises nice and smoothly, TSB will not plummet so much either!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

So true. The lure of nice weather and a long weekend was too tempting...will I ever learn? Nope!

hippy said...

Couple of questions, if I may:

1. Is this part of the Powertap package or a 3rd-party power training application?

2. What data do you need to input in order to generate this TSB line? Is it power values only or other info?


Lawrence said...

Hmm.. musta been the morning for it in our neck of the words - I did pretty much the same thing ie turned off alarm, rolled over.. an hour later OOPS!!! hehe

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Hi hippy..this is a 3rd party software. There is a program that comes with your powertap, but it is inferior to the TrainingPeaks WKO+. This program is power data based although there are options to add non powerbased workouts in as well..however.....