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Monday, 28 January 2008

More bikes than cars

Apparently over the last seven years more bikes than cars have been sold in Melbourne. Now I'm not sure that you can really make anything out of that detail..after all can you get 4-6 people sitting on a bike? and I don't expect there are many cars happily rusting away on a hook in the garage or indeed that there are as many people who do the n+1 thing with cars as there are doing it with bikes.

And on the n+1 my own extended family (2 sons+1 girlfriend, husband and self) we own 6 cars/vans but the number of bikes??? wait for it.... Ben and Mel =12 good bikes and 10 clunkers), me= 5, Alex = 7, Phil= 1 bush motor bike......

So there we are ..ignoring Phil the petrol head's contribution....34 bikes!!!!!...6 cars, 34 bikes....!!!

The point of this piece is that despite the fact that this weekend alot of riders will either be in Bright doing the Alpine classic, over in Adelaide doing the TDU support rides or generally away from home on hols for the long weekend....the number of bikes on the road is phenomenal. On Sat I was on Beach road and even at midday there were more bikes than cars. On Sunday I tootled into town, partly on the bike path and met up with another type of rider (!)..many, many of them and surprisingly managed to avoid them all/they managed to avoid me, and today I went up the 1 in 20 and once again the bikes outnumbered the cars....A-mazing.

Alex has now got himself plugged into using (my) Powertap, so our training has to mesh in a bit better least our graphs are never going to get mixed up..he'd be w-a-a-a-y embarrassed to have mine and no-one would believe it if I tried to pass his off as mine.....!

Canvassing opinion.....what road disc to get??? anyone hear anything about Gravity Zero carbon disc wheels?

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