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Saturday, 3 November 2007

Location, location, location

Talking to a friend who hopes to come and watch me try for the Hour record on November 26th, I realised that many of my non- track cycling friends will not know where the velodrome is, so this post is to redress that issue now while I've got it in the fore front of my brain.....

Disc velodrome is on the north side of Darebin Road between Grange Road and Station Street..the velodrome, bowls and soccer fields are not specified on this map but its the only road that goes through to Clarendon Street to the north. Coming from the eastern suburbs the best route is to get off the Eastern freeway at Chandler highway, travel north directly over Heidelberg road onto Grange road then turn left at the T junction at the end and you're virtually there. Mel ref is: 31A6

My start is set for 1730 (5.30 pm). The licensed caff should be open..if not at the start, at least later on.

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