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Sunday, 4 November 2007

The cloud of uncertainty has lifted

Today has been a good day. I did a test on the velodrome that I can be pleased with and so my self belief has soared. The test comprised 20 minutes using good race gear, aero helmet, the works. My lap times were consistent aside from the ever present tendency to go too fast to begin with. The test was also done with no music, no cheers/jeers and so no adrenalin..which has yet to be factored in and controlled. The HRM file has gone to my coach and we will be talking about it tomorrow, when she's had a chance to evaluate it. The HR part of it failed just after I started, but the speed bit is there plus my helpers lap times.

What's left? apart from sorting out the lap times, its just a case of ensuring my helper and I understand what he has to do and what words he should use. Today I *think* he said "body" sometime during the first 10 minutes..which I assumed meant I was overreaching myself a bit and moving around...must check to see if that is actually what he said and meant. And of course, I have to stay healthy, stay fit and stay sane.

When I got off the track I was told I was a "diesel engine"...which is an astute and accurate comment..slow to accelerate, but can go steadily for a l-o-o-o-o-n-g time.


Lisa said...

Not wanting to add pressure at all, but I am very much looking forward to being there for this event!

Also, not sure if it was you or Lawrence who mentioned it, but the fact that the worlds masters is in Sydney for the next two years is a very interesting thing to know... two years could be a good amount of time for training... hrmmm, it has put a few thoughts in my head!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

thanks Lisa..hope you're in good voice for the evening as 60 mins is a long time and I'll be needing heaps of vocal support to keep the concentration up!

El jefe said...

Hey there. Heres some cool geekage for you to obsess on! I shortened the URL for you. Good luck.
Jeff. From NZ (where the Melborne cup winner came from ; )