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Saturday, 22 September 2007


With 65 days to go until my hour record attempt and 24 until the start of the World Masters Track champs, it's time for a timeline.

Currently my training is focused on the championship events which for me are the 500m TT and the pursuit. My best times are in the high 42s for the 500m (achingly close to the world record for my age group but no cigar likely) and 2'49" for the pursuit(~3 secs adrift of the record). However I'm not going to be setting any records this year, will be lucky to get anywhere near my PB's and don't anticipate a podium place at all. Reasons? well 1stly I'm 63 in a 50+ age class, so the podium is a non starter and 2ndly my training has been less than stellar over the past 2 months, so PB's and 60+ records are w-a-a-a-a-y over the horizon.

However, for the last 2 and the next 3 week's training I'm into speed(!) which hopefully will also help lift me up a level for the Hour Record. This weekend's training is a mirror of the last one and Tuesday at the velodrome is also similar to last week's although on good wheels and without the 40s 0n/80s off bit. The good wheels for the Worlds are the double Ghiblis discs, which for anyone interested will be for sale after November 26th, as will a Colnago Dream track bike (small size) and a Teschner custom made alu road TT frame (available now) all at reasonable but not give away prices. Selling these will fund a new road TT bike and my 2008 trip to Europe for a last crack at breaking 30 minutes for the 20km World Road TT champs at St Johann.

October timeline:
11/10 start the drive up to Sydney after work, stopping just over the state border for a nights rest.
13/10 training sessions at Dunc Grey
14/10 training sessions at Dunc Grey+ airport run to pick up jet lagged sister from London
15/10 veg out/cafe run
16/10 500m TT
17/10 Pursuit
18/10 Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge
19/10 Drive back to Melbourne
22/10 Tourist break- Ayers Rock/Alice Springs/Kings Canyon
25/10 back home
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