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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Speed, speed and more speed.

So Tuesday was indoor velodrome day and the aim of the workout was SPEED.

The task: short intervals to begin with ..20s on/40s off x 8, a rest and change of gear then 40 s on 80s off x 4. Another rest and gear change and then 6-8 laps at race pace.

Yeah...right. I s'pose anything other than a dead stop is speed but I was so darn slow I'll be lucky to even have managed to warm up the tyres.

Today's workout was a shorter effort..40 minutes easy with 2 sets of 15s on/45 s off as sprinty as I can...and I manage that ok...A mazing..I've managed to complete a set workout.

Tomorrow's workout is speed again on the outdoor track, which I'll do after work....can't get any slower so I'm definitely going to be showing improvement.

Good news of the week....... Ben is now sponsored by Kona.

Richly deserved. Well done Ben!!!

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