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Friday, 7 September 2007

Hobbies other than cycling

We all have hobbies and as may be becoming obvious, one of mine is listening to language; picking up on incorrect use of words, discovering new uses of existing words and finding new words. Consequently my time as a manager put me into a very fertile environment although since I was so incredibly overwhelmed with busy-ness Isuspect I missed more than I picked up on. So, as I settle back into more familiar when doing my daily stats there is more in "patient contact" than in "non-patient contact", my memory is clearing and I am now recalling more of the new language I was being exposed to.

So in addition to :
"You will be given the opportunity to" you WILL do as we direct
"You certainly can have a SAY in the decision" but we wont take any notice of it.
"We need to grow our business" ?enlarge, improve..but I'm assuming not sprinkle on the ground and water.
"This has chronicity" ?
"This has walkability" ?

I can now add:

**We need to "upskill" our workforce...(I feel sure its one word)
**We must not work in "silos"...which is the same as:
**We need to move from a "multidiscplinary to an interdisciplinary" method of working
*Diarize...hate that one
*Drill down...

I even managed one of my own....

"I hear what you're saying and I have a degree of sympathy with your point of view and will pass it on".....but nothing will change.

as time passes more will emerge from the fog....

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