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Saturday, 29 September 2007

Every problem has a solution and for every solution there is a problem.

or..the un-advertised perils of an electronic cat door

I am the devoted slave of 2 puddy cats..

known as Flea(cos he jumps) and Pippi ( as in Pippi long stocking)

We have a huge garden so they are indoor and outdoor cats and they exercised that right frequently to the point where we got a cat door put into the laundry door as we'd become totally fed up of letting them out and in.

After a while I realised there was a problem .....and it was the neighbour's cat, who also wandered in and out of our house and ate up all the cat goodies in sight.

So what to do? an electronic cat door whereby the puds wore collars with a magnet attached and the door would only open to them. But of course nothing is plain sailing and every solution opens up more problems..

2 became immediately evident..maybe the neighbour's cat also has magnet opening door and wears a collar with a magnet on...doh! should have checked that before I shelled out mega bucks ....

and magnets react to many different objects........

chose your own caption... mine is along the lines of "we are NOT amused"....and yes this was a set up, but it actually did happen when Flea was inspecting my empty cereal bowl and came away attached to the spoon(or vice versa).


Lawrence said...

Seems like Flea is an independent fellow and comes self-equipped for any eating opportunity.

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

I think this will be the first of a series of silly cat pix.......flea the gardener, the wrench,the plumber..the list is endless...