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Saturday, 15 September 2007

BPPV - the final word

This dizzy Lizzy is no longer dizzy.

Well at least not til the next time BPPV rears it's ugly little head, because it's always there in the background somewhere.

On Monday I went to consult with a neurologist who has an interest in vestibular problems. While there I learnt that the episode of what my GP said was labyrinthitis some 4-5 months ago was almost certainly a more violent attack of BPPV. The reasoning behind his assertion is that labyrinthitis hangs around for ages and that episode was over in a couple of hours.

He then checked my ability to move my vision left to right, up and down etc and then did 2 x Dix Hall Pike manoeuvres. After which he said now you'll be fixed. Such confidence...I wanted to know why, since I'd already had that done about 10 THAT was very much a baby boomer type of behaviour Liz and you don't're too old.

But he was right..since then no dizziness at nystagmus...nothing.

So why now? I have 3 answers to that and they are in no special order:
1. The well known therapeutic effect of a wallet being emptied, the total cost being
: $60 for the visit to the GP to get the referral to the specialist. Now THAT really got up my nose since I had already diagnosed my problem, explained why I wanted to see a neurologist and had his name and address ready...and all he did was a gaze test that took 10 secs and write a letter. Then there was $10 for the train ticket into town..parking in town is not always easy for an out of towner with a large car. Then $6.50 for parking in the outer suburban train car park and finally $210 for the with food while in town~$300.
2. Coincidence..I was getting better anyway.
3. His skill in doing the manoeuvre - ie more accurate positioning.

All are possible but I'd plump for no3 myself.

Lessons learned from this whole experience:
Virtually all dizziness is vestibular..I initially was thinking low blood pressure or vertebrobasilar insufficiency, and am grateful it wasn't.
I'm not very good at being less than 100% healthy.

So..with 5 weeks of being less than healthy mixed with the 8 weeks of being extremely+++++ overworked, I am severely behind in preparation for the World Masters Track champs but still on track for the Hour Record attempt .

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