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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Farewelling to Europe for the World MTBO Championships

Today my older son Alex heads off to Europe for his 5th MTB Orienteering championships held this year in the Czech Republic. The team is diminished this year by the absence of its no.1 male rider Adrian Jackson whose father is critically ill.

Alex has all the attributes to do well but has had extremely patchy results, doing brilliantly for part of a race and then losing it totally over a few controls before picking up again.

After the trials, he finally acknowledged that he needed some help in the focus/concentration department and so I sponsored him for a few sessions with Paulette Mifsud, a Sports Psychologist who is very familiar with orienteering. Hopefully the work they did together will show some results as he has worked extremely hard to do well. He's looking forward not only to getting over there for the racing but also the weather...and I'm jealous. Both of us are weather wimps and suspect that, had we lived in UK or Europe, would have chosen an indoor sport!!!

The Aus team MTBO champs blog is slowly cranking into gear as the team members gather for pre champs competitions.

So, Alex... good luck, good riding, good decision making, good everything. Fingers well and truly crossed for a podium place.

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Lawrence said...

All the very best Alex. I am sure it will come together, and you will be well slotted into the zone on the day. Am looking forward to a very excited sms from the OneHourWoman in early August.