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Sunday, 8 July 2007

30km TT at Lancefield

Today the weather was COLD and windy, the road was dead and the profile lumpy. On the plus side it wasn't raining. The TT was a Team Time Trial of 60km (2 laps) but the organisors were happy to accept individual entries for 1 or 2 laps or indeed teams for 1 lap. The series of races are under the ATTA umbrella (AUS TT Assoc) and are new to Victoria this year with the numbers of entries rising every event. I only knew a couple of riders...there seemed to be a mix riders from the triathlon and touring communities as well as from the Veterans and Cyclesport Victoria.

My older son, Alex and I were both doing 1 lap...he got the fastest time at about 46mins and I did ~57. Once again I achieved wattage levels on the road I can never do on the trainer..?
Briefing and presentation were both at a cafe...very civilised..especially as we were all so very, very cold.

Then it was drive home (Alex happily snoring in the passenger seat), shower and bio-accelerate via compression garments, avoid going up and down steps as for some reason(!) I seem to have lost a bit of leg co-ordination and watch the tape of last night's TdF prologue..

Biggest news on the Aus Masters front is the retirement from racing of Darren King MMAS3 who conquered all last year at Manchester and then who broke the sprint world record at the Aus Masters Nats in March this year. Not sure if Michelle is also retiring...maybe later if she achieves a world title and record in October.

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