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Monday, 14 May 2007

Testing, testing

May 13th..Diggers Rest to Toolern Vale 20km TT.

This was my first race after the Nationals and my first race with a new coach. It was also 1 week after having to take time off work due to suffering from a bad cold which attacked my sinuses and having essentially lost 4/5 days of training .. so I was not on top form. This showed up in my heart rate, which I could not get up to its usual level. I normally TT at 159/160avg topping out at 164 ( my max is 172), but yesterday was in the mid 150's avg with a top of 159bpm. My speed was also VERY average..however, taken in context I guess I did okay....9th out of 19, 1st women, 1st on handicap and a course record!

The course was s'posed to be flat, but with a head wind and a slight uphill drag over the final km's to the turn around, it certainly felt anything but. Close to the start there was a nice hoon down to a creek crossing, which on the way back had turned into a VERY nasty medium sized pinch which caused me to go to my biggest gear (44/21) and to regret that I'd not changed to my usual road bike 39/25 gearing.

My year's race program has been finalised:


26 Macclesfield RR handicap


3 TT Kew Boulevard ? distance not >20km
16 RR Yarra Junction


1 TT Kew Boulevard
21 Yarra Junction TT 25km undulating..very


TT Kew Boulevard
12 TT Diggers Rest 20km flat


TT Kew Boulevard
Victorian Masters Road TT Champs
Victorian Masters Road Race Champs
Club TT Champs Steels Creek19km

16 World Masters Track Champs..TT
17 World Masters Track Champs..Pursuit
18 World Masters Track Champs..Scratch


26 5pm World Hour Record attempt, which as I write this is 195 days away!

I'm having an interesting time with Cycling Australia..I've sent 3 emails officially telling them that I plan to do the One Hour Record and when, only to be told to let them know officially!!!!! and of course mega importance was attached to the fact that its actually NOT a record its a "World Best Time"!!!.... My understanding is that historically we weren't allowed to call it a record as we didn't get drug tested...however, testing is now obligatory!

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