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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Quiet times

Nothing much is happening on this front that is newsworthy, and since I've promised not to make this too self indulgent, I wont be adding posts unless there's something to report.

I'm into endurance loads of Kms on the road with occasional racing. Last Sunday I did 40 laps at the velodrome at close to currently predicted race pace with no problems at all. I had the powertap wheel on and so got a comprehensive read out from that, apart from heart rate as that part has died. However I was also wearing my Polar HRM and so realised from that I was well within my sustainable limits. Now if I could only find a way to merge the HR info onto the power graph in the cyclingpeaks software I'd be very happy.

The blue bike is now officially Stuart after our latest national legend/hero/ treasure!bluey..stewie..Stuart..ok?

So unless something earth shattering happens, nothing until May 14th when there'll be a post road TT report, followed by a grovelling whingeing report on May 27th after the first day of the tour de bortoli (TT and RR)!

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