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Saturday, 24 March 2007

Wet stuff coming out of the sky

Australia is apparently going through what some consider a 1,000 yr drought. So the fact that it rained all last night is a bit unusual and has meant that walking on our lawn/mown weeds now sounds sloshy rather than crunchy. Not a drought breaking downpour for sure, but a welcome relief. The road races 6-8 days away and the forecast for them is for dry weather. Spoke(n) has registered me with CSV and so I'll be riding the road races in their colours..better do well!

We're so unused to rain now its quite probable there are a rather large number of car drivers who've never driven on wet roads. So with that in mind and even though its not ACTUALLY raining right now, my session today will be in front of the TV. I've been feeling lousy, heavy legs, tired as etc, etc..but I've come to expect that and know that once the races start I'll be fine.

Waiting is not easy.

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