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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Fund raising

A part of the Italian trip I'm doing in May/June is to fundraise for the Oncology Children's Foundation.  This is a charity that funds research "in pursuit of a cure" for cancer in kids.

I anticipate it will take me a while to raise the minimum required..$1800, but I've started already sitting for a couple of hours at the local supermarket, smiling and chatting to all and sundry.  I've also got red wristbands to sell and am thinking maybe later in the year running a roller derby (that's a cycling competition on training rollers..not one of those feral roller skates murder fests)...although that will take a bit of organisation.

For those who'd like to donate but don't get to see me in person, here is an online site you can use: 
and any$$ put into this site will be attributed towards my obligation.

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