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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Skinny bike, the count down and final checking continues

Baby Baum aka Jens is now 70gms under weight; that's just over 2 ounces which is a mere nothing and if  I can't find the malleable lead strips we used to have at work, I'll go to a fishing shop and get a couple of sinkers to tape to the seat rails.

Today's training is to be a road ride but relaxing and it will incorporate a visit to the library to take back a TV DVD series which is missing  one of the DVDs, to Anaconda to ask them to  take off the security tag they disabled but left on the Camelback I bought and finally up the 1 in 20.

Yesterday I spent a greasy hour taking my SRM cranks off and then thought I might give the bike a real clean so took off the derailleur and jockey wheels and was somewhat mortified to see just how filthy it all was.  I had the usual problem of getting the chain back the wrong way first up but at least this time I ensured I got the lower little wheel in the lower position.....dunh!

Despite the citrus hand wash gloop we have, it took for ever to get my hands clean and not surprisingly it gave me the same data as the  gizmo  the Hand Hygiene project officer brings around at work. Since it was revealed that alot of the germ problems in hospitals are caused by inadequate hand washing by all (staff, patients, visitors) they've had a drive to make us more aware of really thorough hand washing techniques.  

 8 days 8 hours... and I'm now starting to check out the weather forecasts. Seems we're in for a nice week with temps in the mid 20's but rising to mid 30's over the weekend, but I'm not taking this as gospel quite yet - "accuracy and weather forecasts" are not words I put together a week ahead of an event.

And while on the countdown theme..I have 39 more days of fronting up to work - but I can't get excited about this quite yet..maybe in 8 days, and 9 hours I can!

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