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Friday, 19 February 2010

10 days 10 hours

Yesterday I spent rather alot of time in my car dashing to and from work.  Not only did we have the painter in doing the final touches to our bathrooms, but I had arranged for the ratokil man to check out where the rats nest is and to put down bait.....I've had enough of rats.  What a surprise! 

$364 later and I have 5 baits around the place, have warned the neighbours and have destroyed the compost heap, which apparently was too enticing for the many  Samuel Whiskers living and working in  Croydon (link up for those not raised on Beatrix Potter stories). I also locked the cats indoors overnight and will have to for a while until Sam and his mates are dead Dead DEAD...giggles evilly.

Training last night then was multi-faceted.  Core work as I huffed and heaved the compost bin over and shoveled the stuff into a bin.  Speed work as I sprinted away when a rat emerged and finally steady state stuff  spinning on the rollers in front of the TV while glassily watching "The Biggest Loser" and "So you think you can dance".

Today is a rest day. Alex is off to the Otway Odyssey  this weekend and so spent most of yesterday do "things" to his bike, so with  him over in Forrest grinding out 100km on his MTB and  with Phil  trail bike riding in Morocco it looks like I'm going to have one of those rare and beautiful coupla days when I can do exactly what I want, when I want and how I want yahoo! and yee ha!

Thanks to  son Ben for tightening the cones on my race wheels..Ben now works at Trailmix.  While at the shop, which is situated in Lysterfield Lake Park, location of the Commonwealth Games MTB race, I bought a really groovy pair of rainbow striped socks - the current trend of socks having a long cuff is ok for people who are tall, but at 162cm I ain't got much room between ankle and calf muscle and those socks look downright ridiculous on me.  So these socks are the low cut variety which suit me perfectly and what's more lower the tan line.

Off to have a massage...yeah!

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