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Sunday, 13 December 2009


Today's ride was to be 3-31/2 hours and the weather was perfect for a, bit windy with a forecast of occasional showers. Where to go?..dangerous anywhere at this time of year, but I needed to visit a friend in hospital and so a ride in towards town got the nod. I divided the ride into cruisey, then working hard along Springvale road and along Beach road up til Black Rock then cruisey up until TFM and the coffee stop. After that hospital visit time and train home.

Generally speaking it was pretty eventless apart fromthe feral traffic and being missed..and only just missed by a spitting cyclist ahead of me. As I passed I made some comment..can't recall what, but received no apology... a pig with no manners at all.

And then while waiting for a latte to arrive during my break 2/3 the way thought the ride, I noted that if you have a fair amount of wobbly fat around your glutes, wearing no underwear and moderately close fitting long tights is NOT a good look. On the other hand the grey haired Italian gentleman who was gawking so much he nearly tripped over himself would probably disagree!

Home, download SRM data, shower and doze.

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