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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Navel gazing

Introspective moment....momentous decisions.

During our lives we all have moments where our decisions are really VERY important and we know it at the time. Other times you sort of just roll into decisions; they're not something you have to spend time over, they just happen.

I've had many of the latter type, but only just a few of the former.....41 years ago it was "is this man someone I want to spend my life with, cos if I do I'll have to leave UK and live in Australia?" ( a bit of a double wammy decision) and today it is "do I want to keep working or do I want to retire".

No, that's not right, 'cos yes I do want to retire as work is definitely getting in the way of the things I really want to do(cycling/racing/travel), but the $$ allows me to be indulgent about what I really like to do (cycling/racing/travel).....the question is more how do I want to manage the situation and WHEN do I want to stop working.

Currently I'm fast approaching my 65th birthday (and a 40th wedding anniversary) and have worked as a Physiotherapist since I was 21 with time off for good behaviour (travelling round the world on a Merchant Navy ship with my Merchant Navy husband and during 2 pregnancies).

Maybe, just maybe, its time to call it quits.

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Buttsy said...

....yet other bloggers I follow spend time wondering whether "funner" shuold be a word....oh the variations in what we think.......
PS - You will know when to life can be more funner doing the things you want to do.....I have been to jobs where people didint get to do the things they wanted to do in life.....they didnt get to decide.....whatever you do, just make sure you are happy doing it!