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Wednesday, 19 August 2009


It's all very well for me to make my life changing work related decision ie moving from full to part time work, its another thing for it to actually happen.

I've made my decision...I want it to happen NOW!

But...and there's always a but...the change has to be approved by my manager, his manager, her manager and finally THE manager. Somewhere amongst that list it has to get past a bevy of financial people and finally HR gets into the act. So about 7 people have to be at their desks, agree to it, sign off on it and finally insert an ad into a website or 2 and the local rag (The Age).

In the meantime, I'm hopping up and down on one foot wanting it all to happen NOW!

Currently its stuck at HR 'cos HR, which is well and truly understaffed ie there's only 1 person there and she's about to leave and is busily using up AL and ADO hours, is an empty office.

So approval has been asked for and given, the ad is almost but not quite out there and still there will be a delay for the usual how ever many weeks the ad has to run, plus interviewing time, plus allowances for the preferred candidate to hand in their notice.....always assuming someone applies for the job.......

and I want it to happen NOW!

So what this all means is that while my training is vaguely back on track, I will not be able to feel the benefit of my yet to happen extra recovery/training time this year.

Next weekend is a double wammy race time...another one of the Masters TT series on Saturday followed by the Masters Road Champs on Sunday. So its off to Castlemaine again on Friday straight after passing Go! no collecting $ least this weekend I'll know how to work the heater in the cabin.

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