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Sunday, 19 April 2009

A year in 2 separate halves

Since taking up racing bikes, as opposed to my previous sporting lives when I played squash or orienteered, my year has become bipolar...or maybe I've become bipolar within the year.

The year pans out this way: my very, very major races are held during the August to October period(Road Nats. Road and Track Worlds), with the next block of really important races being around April (Track Nats). Since I need to be lean for the hills in the road races I tend to be working on gradually losing weight from April to October and then end up putting it all back on again from November to March. So just to be contrary, I'm reverse from the norm where you take off weight in the summer and put it back on in the winter!

Sadly, I'm doomed to have to keep strict control over my diet if I am to be lean and I lack the discipline to be able to that all year round. So come April I start to keep a food diary and since I don't want to go cold turkey, by the end of April have usually got my mind in order and manage to mostly keep away from the things I love but need to restrict..ETOH, cheese, lattes/cappuccinos...all the usual yummies.

Training is also up and down..I love training outdoors, loathe ergo work. Since I work full time, I have to put in alot of time on the ergo during the winter and almost none during the summer. So there you have it...Summer is all fun, winter all discipline. And here in Aus its Autumn (Fall for the stars and stripes mob).

Funny thing, seasons. In UK bulb-type flowers start poking their heads up through the ground in they're coming up in Autumn. Maybe they're hard wired to emerge by month not season! But I digress.

By judicious planning I've managed to save my accrued days off and time in lieu and am in the throes of enjoying about 6 weeks worth of short working weeks. Today is Monday and I'm at home......YEEEESSS! Lots to do, but. A 3 hour ride is on the cards, LL2 but with 3 x 10 mins at >200watts just to ensure I dont fall asleep. Think I'll mosey down the Peninsular. I also have to start working towards the Wellness Expo we're putting on at work..the TRAC project is all but finished with the final day being April 30th then the presentation and feedback. Phew!

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