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Thursday, 23 April 2009

This week's efforts and TRAC

Today I'm a 1 finger typist due to the loving attention of my rat catching puddy tat. He just HAS to keep me company whenever he discovers me at the lap is just too inviting apparently.

Last night was a somewhat tedious matrix session going through the gears at either 80 or 88rpm. I have a low tolerance for repetitious exercise.....grindingly boring sessions see me aborting, but this time I managed to sit it out. Maybe because I'd told Alex the session WOULD be 60 mins long and therefore risked a Star Chamber enquiry if I emerged early!

This morning waaaay before sane people are awake, I'll be at the gym doing a spin class..its part of my Wellness committees fitness program so I have to show willing!. It's the last one so I'd better go as I slept in last week. Next week we start a new series and I've signed up for after work sessions of Body Pump and Body Combat..could be foolish but at $20 for 5 sessions its a steal.

Easy session on Friday and not much on Sat before a big effort in the Masters Omnium on Sunday, followed by a day off on Monday.

TRAC finishes next week so we're into presentation, feedback and prizes planning. Major problem for the to follow such a resounding success....

So..5am..guess I'd better get brekky into me. Musing about retiring, as I do more and more nowadays I wonder how I can possibly wind down from this sort of day into a less structured day.

This is what today brings for me, and actually its not one of my busiest days:
0415 get up, play at
0500 brekky shower dress etc
0600 drive to gym
0630 spin class
0730 go to other campus for quick consult re next Wellness prog
0800 over to my campus shower etc
0830 work, treat pts, consult, advise, mentor, plan, blah blah
1045 get ready for Anzac day service
1100 sing at service (pretend to anyhow) with singing group
1200 special lunch for colleague who's leaving
1300 meeting re changes occuring in gym
1400 treat pts, consult, advise, mentor, plan, blah blah
1700 fix up TRAC map board at other campus
1730 shop
1800 cook etc
1900 collapse brain dead in front of TV (Biggest Loser!)
2000 bed

Retiring from all this could mean I might train better!

1 comment:

Buttsy said...

Hey good to see I am not the only Biggest Loser fan out there....PS I bet you dont cry as much as me watching it...the producers have extracted a lot of water from my eyes....could have solved the water shortages.....

I would love a commando training experience...but I know I would cry there too.,,,it might all be a bit tedious for you