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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Training and TRAC update the lead up to the State masters track champs, my training has gone belly up and especially this last coupla days. Made even worse by having to stay up waaaaay past my bed time last night as I had to pick Phil up from the airport..his plane got in at 22.25...groan! I was fighting sleep on the drive there, while waiting and on the journey back time I'll check the flight time before agreeing to be taxi driver!

TRAC..The Round Aus Challenge is now half way through and this week we are having a lunch time talks by our Clinical Psychologist on "Motivation". We have 2 campuses so one talk was yesterday and the second today. It was VERY well received and added to the general positive feeling there is surrounding the project. We've even had a couple of late entry teams bringing our numbers up to 84 teams of 4. The leading team, which is travelling down the west coast is about to have a handicap in that one of its members is leaving 2 weeks before the end and I'm not allowing her to keep contributing. The rules are more relaxed for the also rans as I'm keen to keep 100% involvement.

Our health network's accreditation is happening next week and there's the usual flurry of getting documentation up to date, painting the place and making sure all is just right for when the surveyors front up. We wonder if surveyors are under the impression that ALL hospitals always smell of new paint! As I said before "Ah, the heady smell of pre-accreditation paint"

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