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Sunday, 8 March 2009

training and our very own earthquake

Earthquake turns out we have heaps of them check out this web site..why we didn't realise we have heaps is 'cos they're all pretty small, short and unremarkable. View the seismograph of this particular baby...well.. child, not baby...since it was only considered to be of moderate size.

Training...we have a 3 day public holiday weekend and so I opted to have Saturday as a day off as I was feeling far too tired after my high rpm session on Friday. Not only tired, but I was also sporting a sore hamstring tendon on the lateral side of my left leg..the biceps femoris tendon to be precise. Its such a long time since I've done this type of session that I'd totally forgotten that it was bound to happen..does every time. Must get someone to check out my biomechanics when cycling...cramping left calf after 45 mins of hard work and sore left hamstring after revving fast. I did try an easy session on Saturday but hopped off the bike 15 minutes later.

Today it was 6 x 7 minute acceleration efforts with a 3 min rest. So Beach Road again, then the Nepean Hwy to Frankston and return.

Accelerations...Ha! well I tried, but the winds were not helping so although the watts were "accelerating" the speed was not...well not until I got to Frankston and turned round to go back. This course is one I've done 4 times now and each one is getting faster...generally I've done it in 1 hr 45 it was 1hr 36..which is a shame really as I'd planned on 1 hr 45 but when my mind set is fixed at "there and back", I just can't make myself do the extra loop once I've seen the car..just can't do it.. Pathetic eh!

The last part of my return trip was spent chasing a triathlete who had the interesting habit of spitting every time I got too close to his wheel..or so it seemed to me...maybe it was just coincidence. He also had an interesting addition to his nicks .... little pockets on the outside of each leg..guess they were for gels. I'd never seen them before, but they may well be fairly common for triathletes.

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