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Monday, 2 March 2009

I like Mondays..its a day off training for me

This below shamelessly ripped /stolen from the Feltepix blog word for word/cut and paste...thanks guys and is about my younger son Ben...the really skilled MTBer..the one who rarely crashes, but when he does......its dramatic

"And we couldn't resist leaving you without a picture of Randall who managed to lay it over, on a fire road within sight of the cars. His comment after the crash was something along the lines of 'I looked back as I flew through the air and noticed that my bike was a fair way behind me...'


Dramatic scenes at work too as our health network sites in Healesville have been evacuated down to us in suburbia. My hospital is housing 20 nursing home residents for a minimum of 48 hours while the weather is bad and the potential threat from bushfires is high.

The temperature is not going to be terribly hot (32 degrees tops), but the winds are predicted to be gale force which means there could be ember attacks on places well away from where the main fires are still burning out of control. Healseville, from the appearance of the maps looks like the victim of a classic military pincer movement

No training for me tonight; Monday is my regular day off but today I'm also taking Phil to the airport. He's off on one of his motor biking holidays. He's been to India, Bhutan, Mongolia, Agentina, Chile and Patagonia. This time its Ethiopia.....! Alaska later on in the year.

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