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Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Heat knocks me sideways. I may have lived in Aus since 1972, but my approach to heat is pure Pom! I manage better in dry heat rather than humid, so although the temp has gone down to the 30's and feels alot cooler, the humidity has risen and so I still feel like crap.

I'm training..or perhaps that's glorifying what I'm doing! maybe I should say "I'm going out for a ride" regularly but longer efforts are just not on.

I've also added a blue wrist band to my collection..this is from Bike Pure an anti doping group. Its a very BLUE blue band and I'm surprised no one has yet asked me about it...I wait patiently!

True confession mode on... Since blue is my all time favourite colour, I'm not sure whether my donation was motivated by the blue band (and stem spacer) or the concept!

TRAC is underway...79 teams and climbing. A bit of whingeing about what can and can't count and the need to get scoring in on a weekly basis, but hopefully that will settle. Ever seeking to improve on what we've done, I've already asked for feedback via the weekly newsletter I've stupidly committed myself to producing....

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